Hello there! 


My name is Timo Van Hossemael, I'm 27 years old and currently live in Belgium.


As a student of life, I’ve dedicated myself to fulfilling my service of serving others.


My mission is clear,

I connect thinkers worldwide to make them seek and find success in all areas of their lives.


Over the last year, I have created a global platform where I bundle and share insights about personal development and well-being developed by all kinds of leaders and entrepreneurs in the subject.


With strictly organic growth strategies, Thinkark managed to reach several million accounts on social media.


As a young adult, I realize there is a lot more work to do.

I started to write books myself, and I'm currently exploring the topic of fictional story writing. 


Want to learn more about me? 


Feel free to read the 'about me section'  in my free eBooks by clicking here.