Recommended Books


Think And Grow Rich

  • Fundamentals of success
  • How to develop your mindset
  • Desire wealth creation

The Psychology Of Winning

  • How to develop your mindset
  • How to become a high achiever
  • Ten qualities to be a winner

7 Strategies For Wealth & Happiness

  • How to feel happy
  • What to prioritize along the journey
  • Fundamentals of wealth creation

Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results

  • Stories about positivism
  • How to accept faith into your life
  • Thinking techniques

The Secret

  • How to manifest
  • The law of attraction explained with examples
  • Practical techniques to develop your mindset

Outwitting The Devil

  • How to overcome fear
  • Interview with the devil
  • Learn about the danger of vanity

The Alchemist

  • Story about finding your true self
  • Learn about self-reflection
  • Importance of relationships

Eat That Frog!

  • Why time management is essential
  • Practical methods of time management
  • Learn to set and chase goals

The Strangest Secret

  • Fundamentals of the law of attraction
  • How to do more with less
  • How to develop your mindset

Blue Ocean Strategy

  • How to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Rules of creating a major business model
  • Learn to think out of the box

Rich Dad Poor Dad

  • Learn about cash-flow
  • How to structure wealth
  • Difference between rich and the poor

Psycho Cybernetics

  • Rewire your brain
  • Psychology behind success
  • Learn about human nature

Good To Great

  • Leadership and management fundamentals
  • How to scale your business to the next level
  • Find the purpose of your business

Life And Death In The Executive Fast Lane

  • How to manage a company
  • Differences in the executive order
  • How to be a leader


  • Fundamentals of Stoicism
  • Learn about the greatest human virtues
  • How to be a good person


The Power Of Positive Thinking

  • The power of faith
  • How to think more positively
  • Reflections on visualization and prayer


The 48 Laws Of Power

  • Philosophy of power
  • Real world applications
  • Observe, gain & protect against power structures

The Seasons Of Life

  • Parallels between life and seasons
  • Application of seasons in business 
  • Put life's challenges into perspective

How to Win Friends & Influence People

  • Art and science of charisma 
  • Win people over to your thinking
  • Influence people without inducing resentment

It Works!

  • Better your personal condition in life
  • Utilize the power within yourself
  • Definitions and rules for accomplishments

The Wise Investor

  • Living your best life
  • Obtaining financial freedom
  • Told in a fictional story

Conversations With God

  • Another view on faith and religion
  • Insights on the importance of life choices
  • How to listen to a higher source


  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • Importance of clear realistic goals
  • How to plan and manage your time toward goals

Atomic Habits

  • How to build good habits
  • The science behind getting things done
  • How to implement changes with daily life examples

The Lean Startup

  • Learn the principle of constantly innovating you and your business
  • Business strategy
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur

The Art Of War

  • Principles of patience in difficult situations
  • Laws of war
  • Learn strategy that can be applied in different areas of life

The Millionaire Next Door

  • Insightful vision on wealth

  • 7 traits of wealth

  • Learn wealthy habits

Public Speaking for Success

  • Learn to speak with confidence
  • 'Own' your own voice and the stage
  • Learn to open and close a speech

One Spirit Medicine

  • Ancient health techniques
  • Recipes for old medicine
  • Body, mind and soul connection

Can't Hurt Me

  • Story bio about David Goggins
  • How to get determined
  • How to gain discipline