It works!

It Works! is a 6-step method described in the self-titled book 'It works!', written in 1926. This simple method helps you attract and manifest the things you desire. Now, let the manifesting begin!

Step 1: Write Wants

Get your favorite pen and a piece of paper or your favorite text-writing program and make a list of everything you want.

Organize them in order of importance. Take your time to make sure you write down everything you really want.

In this step, it's best not to think too deeply, and be sure not to specify, yet! Just write down simple and straightforward words. 


Step 2: Specific

In this step, we are going to specify our wants. Next to every want, write down a specification like how many, when, how, or any other detail you find necessary to describe that certain want. 


Step 3: Change

After setting up your list, you should evaluate and add or remove certain wants. Over time, in your process of self-development, wants will change. That's why you should always keep an open mind, come back to your list, and update it. This can also be the order of importance. 


Step 4: Read 3 Times

After setting up your list, it's key to read it at least 3 times a day. Preferably in the morning, at noon and at night. If you can keep the intervals spread out evenly, it amplifies the attraction powers of your mind. Subconsciously, it keeps processing your wants and helps you manifest possibilities to attain your desires

Step 5: Think

Next to reading your list 3 times a day, you should try to think about your wants as much as possible. Really visualize the outcomes of what your life will look like when your wants are attained. Feel the sensation of self-achievement, pat yourself on the back, you've really achieved it, and it finally happened!

Step 6: Manifest in silence

Now comes the most important step and that is not to talk about it to anyone. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that people often believe that their goal is closer than expected by seeking verification from others. Often resulting in diminishing amounts of motivation and discipline. 


Second, though talking to others about your list (and wants) is a form of visualization, it often, if not always, has negative effects on your attraction powers. Mainly because you're environment has a big influence on your decision-making. Also, if the person you are talking to has other goals in his life, you are both attracting different things within the same energy field. 


The law of attraction is only amplified if the minds who are at work have aligned wants. 

'It Works!' is a simple formula that can really help you achieve your goals in life. If you take the 6 steps to heart, the law of attraction will surely be amplified, and you will really see, that it works!


You've got everything within you to reach your desired goals - Turn those wants into a living reality!

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