Article: Passive income doesn't exist

In the pursuit of personal finance and wealth accumulation, the thought of passive income has captured the imagination of many.


The promise of achieving your dreams by making money while you sleep or relax on a beach...


This concept has led countless individuals to pursue this lifestyle with investments, real estate, and online businesses.


Often, this concept of passive income is sold to us through various ads on screen or by millionaire guru's who would tell you in short format that this is possible with just a small amount of your precious time.


However, beneath the surface of this seductive concept lies a fundamental truth that often goes overlooked:


Passive income is a myth


If it wasn't a myth, why do these so-called ''guru's'' still need to make videos, ads, and posts telling you about the so-called passive income strategy?


In the pursuit of financial independence, it's essential to recognize that sustained results require ongoing effort. Now don't hate me for telling the truth here! But that's how simple it gets.



If you want something in life, you've got to put in the work and effort to achieve it. Nothing comes free! 


(Even the price for reading this article isn't free! Understand that you always spend your time!)


That's right! Everybody spends their time! This is true in any form of business because they are still working their energy into their business to keep it going!


Thinkark's definition of success is not to achieve the dream, but to maintain the dream! 


For example


I would like you to visualize passive income as a carousel wheel in a theme park. You are the boss of the wheel and sell the tickets for people to sit on your carousel wheel.


So to get the wheel going at first, you need a lot of force and a few big pushes to get it into a smooth turning motion.


Yet, over time, without periodic attention and management, the once-spinning wheel begins to slow down.


The key takeaway is that true passivity is unsustainable, like the carousel; it needs a small push to keep the momentum going.

What happens if I stop spinning the wheel? 


Well, that's easy; it stops moving...


Just the same like passive income. If you don't check on your source of income with your time and energy to keep things going, It will eventually stop earning you income.


The term "passive income" itself can be misleading. It implies a source of revenue that requires minimal effort once established.


However, this perception is flawed. Successful passive income streams demand ongoing involvement, whether through monitoring investments, optimizing business processes, or adapting to market changes. 




Investments, for instance, require regular assessment and adjustment.

Market conditions fluctuate, industries evolve, and economic landscapes shift.


Ignoring these changes can lead to diminishing returns. Similarly, a business left on autopilot may face obsolescence in a dynamic marketplace.


Social media pages, for instance, require regular updates and reviews. Algortihms and laws that apply change frequently. The same content strategy you used a year ago might be outdated today. 


Dropshipping, for instance, requires a regular review of your products. You need to constantly be ahead of your competitors, which are the big brands and businesses with thousands of employees.


Laws constantly change when dealing with physical products, with different tax rates, and so on. You have to stay informed!




In this article, we come to the conclusion that it's crucial to recognize that sustained success in any income-generating endeavor requires continuous involvement.


The key is finding a balance and understanding that while the initial push sets things in motion, periodic efforts are necessary to counteract the forces of stagnation.


To be successful, we must accept the reality that a gentle push here and there is essential to maintain momentum and ensure sustained income generation.


By approaching passive income from a realistic perspective, individuals can navigate the financial landscape more effectively, recognizing that continuous effort is the invisible force that keeps the wheel turning.


So go and find what you love doing in life! That way, you won't be bothered by the myth of passive income. Because if you truly love doing what you're doing in life, you won't be looking for any method to make it ''passive''.


Do you agree?

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