7 Step learning pyramid

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Did you know that to retain information more quickly there is a 7-step process you can follow?


It's called the 7-step learning pyramid


So how does it work?

Follow each step from the top of the pyramid to the bottom, and you will retain much more information in a shorter time.


Step 1 Listen


When you first listen to the material, you will remember 5% of the knowledge.


Step 2 Read


When you start reading the material, you will remember 10% of the knowledge.


Step 3 Repeat


When you repeat and read the material again, you will remember 20% of the knowledge.


Step 4 Demonstrate


When you demonstrate the material with your body language after reading, you will remember 30% of the knowledge.


Step 5 Discuss


When you discuss the material with someone, you will remember 50% of the knowledge.


Step 6 Apply


When you start applying the material in your daily life, you will remember 75% of the knowledge.


Step 7 Teach


Finally when you teach the material to someone, you will remember 90%-100% of the knowledge!

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