3R Method

Reminding yourself is the key to building a trustworthy connection between your mind and soul.


All the laws of the universe are easy to apply but hard to maintain.


To understand how to maintain, we need to be reminded of our manifested thoughts in the face of every setback.


Know the feeling of using the law of attraction and power affirmations/visualization for a long period of time and it just seems not to work for you?


It's seems hard sometimes to admit the fact that the application every universal law needs time to manifest desired results.


This is where the 3R method fits into place. (Rational Review to Remind)


Find yourself an accountability partner to apply this method to you whenever you feel down on your luck.




Let your accountability partner approach you with a rational conversation about what happened to you.

Clearly explain your feelings to him/her.




Let your accountability partner review your actions and thoughts by letting him/her ask questions about your situation. 

Clearly explain your answers to him/her.




Let your accountability partner remind you of the choices you've made, and that nothing comes easy.

Let him/her explain to you that it's normal to encounter challenges within your journey of manifestation.

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