3 rules for time management

Time management can be a difficult subject for many people.


We all have big dreams with just small amounts of time!


We tend to get so busy on our jobs and taking care for our families, we usually lack the focus that's required to get closer to our goal.


Luckily, this focus can be rediscovered through various methods and rules of time management!


Here are 3 rules I personally use to remain focused and get the most out of my time at all times!


21/90 rule


To stay focused, it's important to understand that you need to stay motivated first!

To clearly motivate yourself, you need to realize that all progress takes time to manifest itself into results!


21 days It takes 21 days to build an actual habit you can maintain easily.


90 days It takes 90 days to make an actual big enough change into your life.


1/90/0 rule


To stay focused on your task, you need to set a clear rule of time to work toward!


1 task Do only 1 task at a time to achieve the best results.


90 minutes Do the task for 90 minutes before doing another task.


0 distractions Have 0 distractions while working on your task.


Five-s rule


A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!

It's important to stay organized at all times to make the most of your time.


Sort Reduce and remove all the unnecessary items in your place of work. 


Set in order Organize all the necessary items in your place of work. 


Shine Clean your place of work. 


Standardize Make easy, clear rules and standards for your place of work.


Sustain Sustain the new rules and standards by not messing up your place of work.

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