60/30 REMO Morning Routine

Remember the old saying, got out of bed with the wrong foot?


This statement couldn't be more true than ever! 


The first thing you do after waking up will always set the tone for the rest of the day!


That's why it's important to establish a healthy morning routine to boost your productivity.


60/30 REMO method.


60 minutes / 30 minutes - Reading - Exercise - Meditation - Objectives.


30 Minutes | Reading


First, do 30 minutes of light reading to get your mind going.


30 Minutes | Exercise


Next, do 30 minutes of soft exercises to get your body and blood flowing.


15 Minutes | Meditation


Follow up with 15 minutes of meditation and affirmations to relax and get focused.


15 Minutes | Objectives


Now carefully set your objectives for the rest of the day within 15 minutes by making a list of tasks.

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