Power of affirmations

Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit, you choose.

Proverbs 18:21


What are affirmations?


The concept of affirmations has gained significant attention throughout the years.


Affirmations are simple, positive statements that reflect the reality we wish to create and reinforce in our lives.


While some may dismiss them as mere words, their power lies in their ability to shape our thoughts, beliefs, and ultimately, our actions.


Fundamentally, affirmations work on the principle of the law of attraction, which holds that an individual's beliefs determine the kind of experiences they will have in life (positive or negative).


People try to rewire their subconscious minds by repeatedly repeating affirmations, which replace self-limiting ideas with powerful ones.


Attract what you wish to see the most


To put it in much simpler words, If you wake up in the morning and constantly say to yourself, I'm feeling bad.

Guess, how your day will go? 


Automatically bad! It's as simple as that...


If you remind your subconscious that everything around you is bad, you will never pay attention to the things that are actually already good.


The same works the other way around,


If you remind yourself that you're feeling really good, you will notice the bad things around you less than the good!


Your mind is like a supercomputer.


If you are looking for a file on your computer filled with thousands of documents,

do you waste your time by going over thousands of files? 


Or do you type it in the search bar and get results way faster? 


Probably you would search for it by actively typing it; the same power is in affirmations.


But our mind is even more powerful than a computer! 


We can not only write something down, we can put the frequency of speech out in the universe to actively look for the thing we desire way faster!


How do I do affirmations?


Doing daily affirmations will differ from one person to another because everyone has different goals and desires.


So it's best to find out which affirmations best apply to yourself.


I personally, write my affirmations on my phone and also on a small notepad that I always carry around with me wherever I go.


Do they really work?


Most people tend to only affirm their main goals but don't know the underlying qualities and values that matter to be worthy of achieving the goal. After a while of affirming, they find out the goal doesn't magically appear, and thereby they think affirmations are just a load of BS!




Understand, there isn't a magical affirmation to just say, I'm rich. 


Materialistic objects will never magically appear, because you say so!


What affirmations will do is, bring us into a state of awareness if we find the values that affect our emotional state in our brain! 


Find the affirmations that work / method


To find the affirmations that apply to you the most, try the following method: 


Step 1 Write 3 life goals you want to achieve


For example, 

  1. Become best-selling author
  2. Establish a global network
  3. Financial independent


Step 2 Write all the different core values that go along with those 3 different goals


For example, 

  1. Hard work, Discipline, Dedicated
  2. Character, Respect, Leadership
  3. Strategic, Knowledgeable 


Step 3 Write out all your values in a present tense sentence as if you already achieved them


For example, 

  1. I am hardworking with a dedication to discipline
  2. I have a good moral strong character and lead with respect
  3. I use strategic planning as a knowledgeable source of information



Step 4 Say your affirmations to yourself at least 3 times a day 



Thank you for reading!

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