Purpose of a dream journal

A while ago, I woke up from a dream that revealed something special.

It was about me sitting at home, and while I looked out of the window, I saw a big commercial airplane getting closer and closer.

As soon as I rushed outside, I started to realize it was headed straight toward me.




I didn't move an inch...


The plane crashed right into me, and I immediately jumped out of bed!

Most people would call it a bad dream or even a nightmare and won't bother to let it get stuck in their head.

I like to see it as a message from a higher source!

What I believe is that our subconscious mind is one of the greatest communicators between us and the spirit realm.


People have always been intrigued by their dreams because they provide access to the subconscious and reveal our core wants, anxieties, and unsolved issues.

However, dream language is something mysterious, sometimes leaving us confused when we wake up.

What is the meaning behind these mysterious patterns that appear within our dreams?


After some processing, I came to the following conclusion, what the airplane dream was really about!


  • The airplane resembles stability and the journey toward my destination.


  • My home resembles safety and security in my environment.
  • The crash resembles a change of circumstances and a potential impact.


  • Me not moving resembles acceptance and trust.


So what the dream was saying to me is, that if I move out of my safe environment, I might see myself moving with stability to my destination.

But only if I accept the fact that I need to put my trust in something it would have an impact on my life and actually change my circumstances.


How did I come to this conclusion?
By analyzing my dream in my dream journal.

Keep a notebook next to your bed with an open page right before you go to sleep.

When you wake up, make sure the first thing you do is write down everything you saw in your dream.


Keeping a dream journal serves multiple purposes:


  • Memory Retention: Dreams are typically momentary, disappearing from consciousness minutes after they occur. We save our dreams for further thought and analysis when we record them in a diary.


  • Self-Discovery: Dreams offer important doorways into our subconscious minds, exposing anxieties, unspoken tensions, and hidden wants. Through the examination of recurrent themes and representations, we are able to comprehend ourselves better.


  • Problem Solving: Dreams have a remarkable ability to problem-solve, presenting us with solutions to real-life dilemmas. By paying attention to our dreams, we can tap into our wisdom and intuition.



So, are you ready to catch your dreams? 
Maybe it will open up some doors for you that may change your life forever.
I wish you a good night's sleep! 

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