Law of Attraction


The law of Attraction has been stated in literature throughout the ages. 


Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.  Matthew 21:22 (New Testament)


As above, so below - As within, So without. The Emerald Tablet


We become what we think about, most of the time. Earl Nightingale (1959)


Whether you believe it or not, people are constantly affected by this fundamental law.

Here are some practical tips on how to get the most out of the Law of Attraction.


Thought Reversal

The first thing you need to understand is that the law of attraction doesn't take negation into account.


If your thinking, asking or saying you don't want something, your actually attracting that very thing into your life. The saying 'never say never' finds his root here.


Here are some examples of how to reverse your thoughts:


'I don't want to be late' -> 'I will be on time.'

'I don't want to fail.' -> 'I am successful.'

'I don't want to be rude.' ->  'I am kind.'


Next comes the thought behind the thought principle in play. Meaning that if you induce, for example, doubt into your thoughts, you also amplify that emotion. Resulting in negative outcomes. By reversing your thoughts and linked emotions into positives, you're one step closer to attracting what you truly desire. 

Affirmation visualization

Once you've reversed your thoughts and added a positive emotion to them, it's time to visualize the outcome.

The I-statements we discussed earlier are examples of affirmations.

Take one affirmation you want to focus on now and precisely visualize how that situation will look like in real life.


'I will be on time.' -> See yourself arriving on time at your desired destination. 

'I am successful.' -> See yourself as the person you would be when attaining the success you desire. 

'I am kind.' -> See yourself doing acts of kindness and receiving the benefits that come with being so.


Visualizing works best when you're on your own and in a quiet setting.

Avoid distractions so you can truly focus your thoughts.


Vision board

A vision board is a collection of pictures put together on a board. This is used as extension to amplify the visualization process of your desires. 


Here are a few examples:

- A picture of your dream car.

- A check with the desired amount of money you would like to acquire.

- A note with your ideal weight or a picture of someone with the physique you wish to attain.


Put the objects representing your dreams in an order of your liking on a board. Once satisfied, make sure you hang the board in a place where you're constantly exposed to it.


Vision boards help you to revise your goals in life and give the law of attraction that extra push to manifest the things you desire. 


A mind movie is a modern alternative to the vision board. Here you collect pieces of video that represent your goals, desires and dreams. Take your time to find the piece of video that represent everything you wish from life.


After collecting the pieces of video, edit them into a captivating movie, with parts from your favorite music. Just like a vision board, the mind movie amplifies the visualization process and thus the law of attraction.


Make it a habit to watch the mind movie on regular intervals, integrating this into your planner can be a real help.


Ask - Believe - Receive

To summarize, the Law of Attraction works in three steps:


1. Ask

- Choose what you want. (I am wealthy.)

- Be very clear and detailed. (I am a wealthy millionaire, owning 10.000.000 $) 

- Avoid asking over and over. (Eliminate feelings of doubt or fear.)


2. Believe

- Visualize as if it already happened. 

- Obtain an unwavering faith regarding your desire.

- Focus on what instead of how.


3. Receive

- Act with inspired action = acting as if already received. 

- Avoid going against stream -> Intuitive or instinctive thoughts often guide you towards what you desire. 

- Feel good about the imminent attaining of your goals, dreams and desires.



Always remember that you are a magnet that the universe responds to, according to your thoughts and actions.

Try to see the Law of Attraction in the small things, practice and you will be able to use it for virtually everything in life. 



So the question is, what are you currently thinking about?


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