SCAMPER Studying Method

The scamper method is a brainstorming technique used to improve the quality of coming up with new ideas while studying.

Scamper stands for: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, Reverse

It was developed by Bob Eberle in 1971, who wrote different books on creative thinking for young people.


How it works?


While studying, try the following:




Replace the material your studying with another format to change your point of view on the subject.


For example,

Switch your textbook for letters, speeches or newspaper articles.




Match your study with other subjects to gain a deeper understanding.


For example,

Watch and listen to art, literature, movies, music that are about the subject your studying.




Change your studying environment.


For example,

Switch your desk or study somewhere else than in your room.




Change your studying time span.


For example,

Instead of doing 30 minutes with short 5 minute breaks, do 26 minutes with a 4 break and regularly switch it up.


Put to another use


Learn the material by using it differently.


For example,

Instead of just reading your studying material, try reading it out loud or singing it to yourself.




Cut off all unnecessary distractions.


For example,

Turn off all notifications on your digital devices and lock your door while studying.




Plan your studying backwards.


For example,

Instead of just starting at the beginning of your material, start by reading it from the back.

This will present the already given solution before getting to the problem statement.


Good luck studying!

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