Article: The sculptor within (Visualization)

Start when your finished!

Most people often ask me the following questions:


  • When do I start my business?


  • How do I start my business?


  • What's the best time to begin?



While the answer couldn't be more simple:


You simply start by starting to visualize what you want.


The best way to understand this point of visualization even further is by acknowledging a fun fact:


  • You start when it's already finished.


So now you might wonder, How is something finished when I haven't even did the first part of the job?

Let me explain  this simple fact with the story of ''The sculptor within''

Imagine a sculptor who wants to craft a beautiful statue out of a piece of white marble stone.


Before the sculptor breaks the first piece of stone, he already visualizes the end result in his mind. 

He carefully crafted a drawing plan from his imagination and now follows every step he knows how to take.


To give you another example:

Imagine a bricklayer who's laying bricks on his plot of land.


Ask the bricklayer what he's doing, and he will answer, I'm building a house.


You then might ask, What type of house? and the bricklayer will answer, such and such type of house with walls of 6 meters or more...

He might even show you the plan and tell you he will need so many bricks to achieve the already made image of the type of house that was developed.


He merely started when it was already finished. 


It would be foolish to start something without knowing how many stones, bricks, or meters of walls are needed.

The house would simply not stand or even come into existence.


Apply this principle everyday


The same principle is true for everything in life; it's important to understand this to grasp the true power of chasing personal development on a daily basis.


Start your day by already visualizing how it will finish; this will induce your changes to actually attract

and achieve what you were wishing for.


The thought in this is, if you can't imagine it in your mind, are you even worthy of attracting it in the first place?


View your mind as a computer that can be programmed, and you need to upload the scripts for it to learn a new language every time you try to update something.


You are the modern-day digital sculptor within!

Start your day when it's already finished!

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