Jim Rohn becoming a successful business man

Emanuel James "Jim" Rohn was born in Washington in the late 1930's.


Raised as the only son of a hardworking family that worked a farm in Caldwell, Idaho, Jim grew up in a rather poor family with the dream of becoming a millionaire to forever change his family fortune.

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Early career


Rohn attended high school for one year and quickly decided to quit early to apply for different sales jobs.


Jim got hungry to chase success, but this didn't seem as easy as he thought in the first place.


At the age of 25, he had already started his family by marrying his wife and raising a child. He lived paycheck-to-paycheck without any promise of a better future. 


Jim lived in despair of not earning enough without finding the solution to the problems he faced in his day-to-day life.


As Jim Rohn's famous quote goes, I had more month left over at the end of the money.



Girl scout cookie story


One day Jim got a knock on his front door and opened the door, only to see a young girl scout selling cookies. She was selling a box of cookies for only 2 dollars and managed to really give her sales tactics to Jim himself. 


Jim really became inspired by the girl and wanted to buy a box of cookies, but he had to disappoint her because he didn't have the 2 dollars to buy the box of cookies at the time. 


Jim closed the door and felt his whole life turning against him. He got depressed at the thought that he constantly disappointed people in his environment because of his lack of financial capacity.


This was the day Jim Rohn told himself he would do everything to never let this happen to him again and that he would always be able to buy something when opportunity appeared.



John Earl Shoaff


One day Jim got invited by a friend to a seminar in town of a famous businessman named Earl Shoaff. 

Jim quickly thought, why not? I've had nothing to lose either way.


He attended the seminar and got so inspired that he decided to personally say thanks to Earl Shoaff himself. This is where Jim's whole life changed for the better.


Mr.Shoaff saw something in young Jim's eyes and decided to offer him a job in his already successful company, 'AbundaVita'. 


Jim got mentored by Earl Shoaff himself in the years to come and quickly started to gain a lot of insights on how to become successful.





After working for almost 2 years in AbundaVita, Shoaff offered Jim another job in an even more promising company called Nutri-Bio.


Jim's hard work quickly paid off, as he managed to build one of the largest organizations in the company. 


He even managed to expand the company to Canada in 1960, and this made Shoaff appoint Jim as the vice president of the organization. 


Shortly after John Shoaff died of old age, Jim lost his mentor, but he never forgot everything he learned from him in those 5 years he worked for Shoaff.



Rotary Club


Jim was left without a mentor for years to come, so he decided he needed to inspire others with the lessons Shoaff taught him.


This insight led to an invitation to hold a speech at a meeting of a Rotary Club.


The meeting was a great success, and the people that attended it quickly requested Jim to speak at other events around the country.



Inspired the audience


After holding different successful seminars around the country, many people got inspired by the Idaho farm boy story to successful vice president of a multimillion-dollar company.


In the early years people like Tony Robbins and Mark Hughes attended his seminars only to ask for Jim to mentor them towards success.





One of Jim's students, Mark Hughes created a company we still know to this day, Herbalife.

Tony Robbins became one of the most famous motivational life coaches in the 21st century.


This emphasizes the impact Jim Rohn left on these young minds, who were just like him, hungry for success and in need of a mentor. 


During his career, Jim wrote many books on his journey towards success, books that are today still best-sellers in the self-help genre.


Some of these I recommend:


  • The power of ambition


  • 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness


  • Seasons of Life



Jim Rohn left a legacy for a lot of successful people to come after him.


Even after his death in 2009, Jim still stands as one of the most inspiring and famous motivational speakers of all time. 


His videos of his seminars are still watched to this day, with millions of views on social media and Youtube.


If you want to have a digital mentor, the voice and legacy of Jim Rohn are a must-study for you!


Thank you for reading, I hope to have inspired you to learn more about Jim Rohn, and pickup one of his bestseller books, or watch one of his famous seminars.

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