Brian Tracy mastering everything you do

Brian Tracy is one of the most well-known names in the world of motivational speakers and successful writers about personal development.


This story is dedicated to the challenges Brian faced during his lifetime and how he conquered them by becoming an expert in everything he set his mind to.

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Early life


Brian Tracy was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1944, during the Second World War.

As one of three brothers, Brian often shared clothes and shoes with his other brothers to save up within the family.


The family moved out to California when Brian was still a young age and eventually moved back to Canada when he was 16 years old.


Here in British Columbia Brian attended high school and quickly dropped out of an everlasting hunger for success and adventure.


After high school, he worked different labouring jobs to save up some money to eventually take a trip around the world.



Travel around the world


When he saved up some of his money, Brian decided to buy a cheap car, drove to North America, and took a ship to England.


Here his worldly adventure started out, which would eventually last a full period of around 8 years.


Brian went from England to France and cycled around to Spain and Gibraltar. Meanwhile, he worked different jobs to get around and buy himself food and rent to rest for the night.


Sometimes he was forced to sleep on the ground or even in cars when the money was low.


He ended up meeting a lot of people who would become lifetime friends when he decided to seek the ultimate adventure and crossed the famous Sahara Desert with them.


This would also teach Brian how easily one can face a near-death experience and how to handle such adversity.


Getting back on track


After the period of 8 years Brian got back to Canada on tried working in different sales jobs to learn how to make more money than ever before. He often struggled the first year with almost make second to none sales. Until he started to wonder how this came to be.


He analyzed how some people in the same job were making more sales than him, and he went to ask them how they did. 

This is where he met the art of selling and decided to master it himself.


He learned from the top sales people which books to read and how to find customers and convince them to buy the product. 


After mastering the art of selling, Brian started to become one of the top salespeople himself!


But this wasn't enough he decided, and quickly pushed himself to go into a sales management job.


Always something new


After getting a job in sales management, Brian was again making second-to-none progress.

And so he did the same as he did last time and asked the top sales managers how they got successful at their craft.


They explained to him what books to read, courses to take, programs to listen to and which moves to make. 

As the great student Brian was, he did all that and mastered it again to perfection.


After one year, Brian became one of the top sales managers at the company.


But this was merely the beginning. Brian thought by himself, What if I apply this to every success creation skill out there?

And so he got into real estate, business theory, marketing, and all kinds of companies and industries. 


He even went and got a black belt in Shotokan Karate!


After a short while, his skill of continuous learning and mastery quickly became noticed, and he was offered the chief operations function for a $265 million company!

Sharing his success


Brian achieved a lot of his goals during this time period, but he started to wonder:


how do I share this success I finally achieved with the rest of the world?


And then he decided to pursue a career as a motivational speaker and writer all around the world.


This resulted in speaking at around + 5000 seminars and over + 70 books until this day!

Brian recorded over + 300 audio and video programs with over + 40 years of shared experiences into the business of becoming successful. 


I guess you can say, Brian also mastered being a motivational speaker and writer!


No one did it better in numbers; Brian was and still is an absolute master at his craft.


In total he worked in over 107 countries on six different continents and speaks 4 different languages.


It's calculated he consulted over a thousand companies and contacted over five million people.


Until this day, not one speaker or writer has outnumbered this.

Brian today


Brian is still president of 3 different companies, including Brian Tracy International.

He is still active in making motivational videos and writing new books that he posts on his social media accounts.


Brian is happily married with 4 children and different grandchildren.


He says to enjoy every day of his life and has fulfilled all of his life goals.

Image is copyrighted and not owned by Thinkark in any way, no profit will be made from this article. Will remove upon request.

I would strongly recommend watching Brian Tracy's seminars on YouTube to get to know his story even better. 


You can start by watching this clip I've made about his famous seven rules of success!

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